Mumbai - RInfra starts booklet campaign agaist TPC

Friday, 25 June 2010 06:01 Suresh Kumar MG
ADAGThe Anil Ambani-led company has distributed booklets to more than 28 lakh suburban consumers telling them how Tata Power Company is wrong and RInfra has all the right to procure more power from TPC. On June 28, the Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission will hear the case on electricity supply to RInfra by TPC.

The booklet, which deals with all allegations of RInfra against TPC, has the latter fuming. "This campaign goes against the ethos of competition and consumer interest. This is a malicious campaign undertaken by RInfra and is aimed at maligning the Mumbai consumer's faith in Tata Power that has been serving Mumbai by generating and providing power for about 100 years," said TPC in a statement.

RInfra's justified the campaign, saying: "There has been a lot of confusion created among the consumers by certain groups with vested interests, including TPC. Our endeavours are just to clear it and bring out all the facts."

The TPC has refused to supply around 500 MW to RInfra. It wants a significant quantum of power for its own consumers whereas the government had advised authorities concerned not to divert the power required to TPC, which has decided to supply less than half of RInfra's demand from June 30.

Source- Hindustan Times