Man couriers cobras to BESCOM employee as warning

Wednesday, 14 October 2015 12:39 Lathish PV

CobraThat was the rather frightening message that a Bescom ( Bengaluru Electricity Supply Company Limited) employee got when he opened a parcel that came for him in office. Out crawled a couple of cobras leaving him and other staffers panic-struck.

Later, some letters in the courier package revealed the truth behind the bizarre gift. It was a warning to the employee to stay away from the sender's wife, or else more such dangerous surprises would be in store for him.

The entire drama played out on Tuesday afternoon at the Bescom's vigilance office near Shivananda Circle. The sender of the parcel is suspected to be a 48-year-old man from Tumakuru.

High Grounds police have taken up a complaint of criminal intimidation. They said the parcel came from a courier service for the Bescom employee (whose identity has been withheld). When he opened the parcel, two cobras popped out of the box.

Terrified, the employee quickly threw the box outside the office. After the snakes slithered out of the premises, he and other staffers checked the box and found some letters addressed to him. The letters stated that the employee was getting too close to the sender's wife and if he didn't keep himself under check, more dangerous things would come his way.

Sandeep Patil, DCP (central), said a complaint has been lodged by the Bescom employee and an investigation ordered into the case. "The employee has provided some leads which we are following. We are also in touch with the courier company that delivered the parcel. We will make an arrest in the case soon," he said. The employee had shifted to the Bengaluru office recently following a transfer from Tumakuru.

The parcel carrying the snakes had holes in it for ventilation, added sources in Bescom.

Source- TOI