Telengana to introduce prepaid meters

Monday, 04 January 2016 00:00 Lathish PV

PrepaidSoon you may have to prepay your electricity bills much like the mobile or satellite tv bills. The Telangana government has issued a GO on Monday directing the installation of prepaid electricity meters.
In the initial stage, the government plans to install these meters in all government offices followed by residential colonies. The new system is expected to root out wastage of power and also provide accurate billing to consumers. The GO also directs the installation process to be completed by March 31, 2016.

However, street lights are exempted from the purview of the prepaid system. So far the government has purchased 5,000 meters for this purpose. Analysts state that the prepaid system is already prevalent in West Bengal and a few Northern states.
Two-fold Benefit: The prepaid system benefits the domestic users in that they have to pay only for the used electric units. Secondly, government offices henceforth have to prepay the bill to use electricity. Currently, heads of government departments do not pay the bills stating they have not been allotted funds. This results in several crores of losses per month to the electricity department. The new systems is expected to plug this loophole.
How it Works: The DISCOM will replace the existing meters with a new variant that will have provision to insert prepaid card. The card will be sim-enabled. The DISCOM will bear the cost of the installation. The consumer has to only recharge the card just like a pre-paid mobile. However, when the power goes off you know its time to recharge.

Source- PTI