EEFI demands amicable settlement of dispute between Haryana Govt and power workers

Monday, 20 June 2016 09:13 vk guptha

Haryana strikeElectricity Employees Federation of India (EEFI) has demanded amicable settlement of dispute between Haryana Government and power workers to avoid two days strike on June 29 and 30.

Prashant Chowdhury, General Secretary of Federation has written to Haryana's chief minister that power workers across the country are concerned about the ongoing undeclared war against power workers. The power workers of state fail to understand the virtual privatization of 23 sub divisions by awarding maintenance of transmission system to contractors.

When the workers protested against the move of privatization 7471 contract workers have been removed from service besides suspension, transfers and other forms of harassment and exploitation of power workers.

Federation has alleged that neo-liberal policy of privatization initiated by last government is being implemented by present government. The Discoms management at the instance of the Government decided to hand over maintenance work of 23 Sub-Division to private operators. The 23 Sub-Divisions chosen for privatization are urban areas having low line loss and high revenue potential.

Two major organisation of the power workers, All Haryana Power Corporation Workers Union and Haryana State Electricity Board Worker Union decided to oppose this decision by forming Haryana Joint Action Committee of Power workers. The power workers reluctantly decided to go for a temporary leave on May 11 and a total number of 25,133 workers participated in the temporary leave disrupting the supply in various parts of state.

Federation alleged that the state government had refused to discuss the issue with power workers and was neglecting the just demands of workers. The workers are sitting on hunger strike in all the circles and divisions of Discoms.

Source - merinews