MERC announces hikes tariff for Tata Power, Reliance Energy consumers

Sunday, 23 October 2016 17:52 Lathish PV

MumbaiA 31% hike in electricity tariff is in store for Tata Power low-end residential consumers in 101-300 units consumption category for this fiscal year, but there will be a drop in tariff of 12% in 2019-20.

In comparison, Reliance Energy consumers in suburbs will witness a maximum hike of 9 % for low-end residential consumers this fiscal year and there will be a dip of 17% in 2019-20. Sources said that Tata Power's energy charges still continue to be the cheapest in Mumbai despite the huge percentage in average hike for this fiscal year. The revised electricity tariffs were announced by the Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission on Friday night. The revised tariff will be charged with effect from October 1.

As for the Reliance customers, the tariff is 48% higher as compared to tariff for Tata Power for 101-300 unit consumption category for this fiscal year. The only consolation for Reliance consumers comes for the high-end users in the 301-500 category and the 500+ category as the tariff is cheaper than Tata.

There are more than six lakh power consumers for Tata Power while it is close 25 lakh for Reliance, which has a maximum consumer base in the western suburbs with the high-end customers being celebrities and film personalities who will enjoy the benefits of cheaper power.

Source- TOI