Devotees’ footsteps set to power Sai Baba shrine in Maharashtra’s Shirdi

Friday, 02 June 2017 12:52 Harikumar B

ShirdiWhat if your footsteps could power up a shrine? That's what the Shirdi Trust, which manages the famous Sai Baba shrine in Ahmednagar, plans to find out.

Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Trust (SSST) chairman Suresh Haware said he plans to install energy pedals at the shrine. "As many as 50,000 people devotees Shirdi daily. We will install energy pedals, which get pressed when devotees walk on them, then revert to their original positions. Walking energy will be converted into electricity, which will be used to power the temple's bulbs and fans," said Haware.

While their pilot project is a foot energy project by converting the walking power of the devotees to create energy which can be used to light fans and bulbs, the other initiatives include solid waste management, making incense sticks from flower waste and planting one lakh trees in and around Shirdi and Nashik.

Speaking about the foot energy initiative, Dr Suresh Haware, Chairman of Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust said, "This project will be the first in India. Over 50,000 devotees visit the temple everyday. If we convert their walking energy into electrical energy, we will be able to light bulbs and fans which are installed near the queue. The first phase will be completed within two months. If the model becomes successful, then it can set an example for such initiatives to be implemented in public places."

Daily on an average, 50,000 devotees visit the temple. Krunal Naik, partner in Innovation For Mankind, who are installing the tiles for the project said, "We will be installing tiles which can convert the energy when you walk. The phase one will be ready in two months. We will be installing 200 tiles of 2 X 2 feet. On an average, 20 watt second energy is converted by a single person. The unit of converter energy will depend upon the overall footfalls."

The company will be installing this free of cost at the temple as donation.

Source- HT