Vilambara Jatha conducted on 26-09-2008

Friday, 26 September 2008 05:30 administrator
Vilambara Jatha of KSEBOAIn connection with the 15th State conference to be held at Kozhikode on 27,28 September 2008, A 'Vilambara Jatha' was conducted in Kozhikode City for publicity of the conference.

Sri.B Pradeep, General Secretary, KSEB Officers' Association,Sri. KA Sivadasan, President KSEB Officres' Association lead the Jatha.

Members of the Vydyuthi Kala jatha also participated in the procession. Jatha was accompanied by 'Pancha Vadyam' and members of KSEB officers' Association holding the flags.Jatha started at stadium corner and ended at Kidson corner.