Big players use different methods to steal electricity

Tuesday, 12 May 2015 15:15 Harikumar B

House BoatThe anti-theft squad of KSEB says electricity is being stolen in Kerala using different methods. It was found that house boats docked in backwaters in Alappuzha were stealing electricity in a big way by drawing it directly from power lines at night.

During a surprise inspection late at night recently near Pallathuruthy bridge, which comes under the Kainakary KSEB section in Alappuzha district, it was found that six house boats were drawing power directly from the line. The house boats were fined about Rs 18 lakhs.

In Sreevaraham, Thiruvananthapuram, electricity was stolen through an LT cable drawn illegally from the establishment of a major industrial group to a nearby restaurant. In this case, a fine of more than Rs 1 crore was imposed.

It was only recently that it was found that electricity was stolen from agricultural connection for other purposes in the house of a prominent politician in Ernakulam district and a fine was imposed.

The other day the squad had caught huge power theft for commercial purposes from an apartment complex owned by a political leader in Ernakulam. More than one and a half lakh units of electricity were stolen here. The fine will be huge, and it is still being calculated.

Electricity was stolen in a factory in Perumbavoor by installing an RF element in the meter and controlling it via remote. It was fined more than Rs 1 crore. Many raids were led by chief vigilance officer Rishi Raj Singh.

Source- Manorama