KSEB Limited offers one-time settlement option for defaulters

Saturday, 05 November 2016 15:13 Harikumar B

KSEBThe KSEB Limited is launching a one-time settlement scheme for consumers to clear their electricity bill dues.

Arrears older than two years will be considered for the scheme. Cases where revenue recovery has begun and those tied up in court disputes also will be considered. Under the scheme, the consumer should pay the full principal amount - energy charges - at one go.

Penal interest may be remitted over a period of six months. Government departments, PSUs and local bodies may pay the principal amount also in instalments.

Arrears older than five years attract six per cent interest and those between five and two years, eight per cent under the scheme. Defaulters who pay the principal amount and interest together will be eligible for a two per cent concession on penal interest. Low tension consumers should apply at the electrical section offices and HT/EHT consumers, to the special officer (revenue). March 25, 2017, is the last date for applying.