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May 20th
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Versatile earthing rod

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Earthing RodDuring discussions in the safety committee meetings of Electrical division, Palakkad, it was felt that a light weight, portable and reliable earthing rod will help in eliminating electrical accidents involving accidental charging of lines. Accordingly, the safely committee applied it's mind and produced a design of an earthing rod that possessed the aforesaid qualities. This earthing rod is illustrated here.

Please refer enclosed picture. The earthing rod is basically a spring loaded mechanism mounted on solid nylon rod of one meter length. The mechanism including the spring is constructed using 304 grade stainless steel. Both the nylon rod and the mechanism are inert to acids and alkaly, thus making the earthing rod weatherproof and ageing proof.

Earth RodEarthing is established by sliding down the nylon rod against the line conductor till the blade of the earthing rod grips the line conductor. The earthing rod is removed from the line after the work by pushing the nylon rod up. No screwing or unscrewing is necesssary.

A hook is provided at the bottom of the earthing rod, so that when the lineman climbs up the pole, he can hook the earthing rod to his waist belt. Upon reaching a distance of one meter from the line conductor, the earthing rod is taken with one hand and hooked to the line conductor. This ensures that the line is earthed before the lineman reaches the line conductor.

Two such earth rods each were supplied to all 13 sections under Electrical division, Palakkad more than a year back. The feed back from the staff is that the performance is superior. The device being light in weight and easy to handle is being unfailingly utilized by the staff for repairs on HT lines.

Two instances of averted electrical accidents after introduction of this earthing rod are described below.

1. A contract worker, who was mistakenly directed to climb up a live HT pole for repairs, was saved when he earthed the HT line as said above. The wire running down from the earth rod to ground got burned, the feeder tripped, but the worker escaped unhurt.
2. A live 220 KV line conductor was mistakenly earthed (The nylon rod was 2 meter long in this case), the wire vapourised in no time with a loud noise and the feeder tripped. The worker did not receive any electric shock and escaped unhurt.

The salient advantages of the device compared to conventional earthing rods are under

1. Very light: The total weight is only 1.2 kilograms.
2. Rugged and rigid: Will withstand any rough use.
3. Maintenance free. Trouble free.
4. The operating rod, nylon does not absorb moisture. It is an excellent insulator under all weather conditions and even when wet. Hence, the device can be used in all weathers.
5. The blade of the device slides against the line conductor at the time of insertion. This produces a rubbing action, removing all dirt and carbon on the conductor surface ensuring excellent contact. This averts shocks due to induction.
6. Can be used for all conductors alike, right from Weasel to Kundah.
7. Nylon is unbreakable. Even if the device falls from the top of a pole, it will not be damaged.
8. Cost effective: The cost of the device (Excluding wires) is Rs. 975.00 per each. This will further come down if mass -produced.
9. Can be operated with one hand.

Earth rodThe technical particulars are under.

Clamp : Spring operated. Stainless steel 304 grade.
Operating rod : Nylon, 30 mm dia,1.0 meter long.
Total length : 1.0 meter
Total weight : 1.2 kilo ± 100 grams
Wire : 4.0 Sqmm PVC insulated flexible copper wire, 12.0 meter long.
A good quality clip is recommended for connecting the other end of the wire to the earth elelctode. This costs below Rs. 100.00

The Earthing rod was fabricated at the following places:
1. Jofine industries - 94954 87425 (Mr. Job)
2. Gireesh metals - 94471 72986

(Mr. Gireesh)

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