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Jun 22nd
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Indian Reforms and new world order

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(Sri. K. Vijayachandran was one of the Senior Manager of BHEL. Later he was appointed as the Secretary of the Bureau of Public enterprises of the Government of Kerala, wherein he wooed attention of industrial, economic and academic circles, when his programme for reviving the sick industries in Kerala became very effective and fruitful. )

When Dr. Manmohan Singh initiated the current reforms, his supporters had argued that such reforms were long overdue for the Indian economy. Their contention was that these reforms were not dictated by the IMF or the World Bank.

Then it was said that, we ourselves as a sovereign country should adopt such measures, it is immaterial whether the Fund or the Bank have advised us or not. But as on today no one has any doubt about the coercive hands of the Fund-Bank, and the global interests that control this combine behind the so called financial and structural adjustments.

The whole sequence reminds one of a barbaric tradition under the Japanese emperor: any citizen 'condemned for sinning against the throne was legally obliged to ceremonially commit Hara-kiri on himself!


In the eyes of USA and other imperialist nations India and a host of other third world countries have sinned a lot. They have sinned against the old world order of the early twentieth century.

These wealthy nations, divided among themselves in the pursuit of their hegemony over the globe, had inflicted two world wars on humanity. The second war had left these warring nations considerably weakened and their moral authority to rule over the world got deeply eroded. And that was a chance for the countries like India to free themselves from captivity.

Liberation was their first sin against a colonial world order. People of India were in the forefront of these liberation struggles. And then having achieved political independence they strived to be economically independent by establishing a sort of economic autonomy. That was their second sin against the rules of an international market, organised and dominated by a few nations who were the early starters on capitalist development.

The third sin was the attempt of this third world countries to catch up with the developed nations, industrially and economically through planned development of its own national economy. And then the fourth sin: trying to forge broad political unity among the third world countries against the emerging neo- colonial relations between the ex-colonialists and the ex-colonies. There were the broad movements, such as the NAM, the G77 and many others within or outside the United Nations systems.

Sins of India and the third world countries against the old world order were thus multifold. And now when the old masters feel that, they have overcome their earlier weaknesses, and insist that India as a nation should commit on itself a ceremonial Hara-kiri that is perfectly legal and legitimate as per their rule book.


The new rule book that is being flaunted day in and day out at our face is only a reprint of an old rule book several centuries old, that was challenged and declared immoral and illegitimate more than a century ago. The call for unity among the oppressed nations was only corollary of the Marxian vision - Workers of the World Unite! The first among the workers' states was thus a natural ally of all the oppressed nations of the world. And we owed a lot to the Petrograd Proletarians of 1917 for our political freedom of 1947.

And as long as there was a socialist camp under the leadership of the first working class state, political freedom of a third world country like India was somewhat secure. And that is history but, Satan never sleeps; the clever and the cunning have had always a monopoly over the rule book. But, the fall of the socialist camp definitely is not the "end of history" - as declared by the prophets of the New World Order. And as Mao said: "What is true and what is beautiful will ultimately triumph over what is untrue and what is ugly."

There was a time when Uncle Sam was synonymous with 'the Ugly American.' Mc-Arthism had persecuted hundreds of thousands of honest Americans who dreamed the dreams of a more humane society. And when law and order was taken over almost entirely by the private armies of well equipped detective agencies and underground mafia gangs in the payrolls of the well to do and the clever, MaCarthysm has transformed itself in to a perfectly legitimate economic activity as per the rules of corporate capitalism and market economy. Human rights organisations of the West, who claim to be keeping a constant watch on direct interferences of Governments on individual liberties arc only a cover for legitimising slate sponsored terrorism practiced against the mass of the people, under the guise of legitimate business activities of the under-world.

"The ugly American"

That had murdered or caused to murder
millions of well meaning individuals
all over the world,
Destabilized dozens of
third world governments,
Imposed or perpetrated Cruel and inhuman
dictators over unwilling peoples,
Launched wars of genocide in
dozens of Countries,
destroyed millions of lives
at one stroke
using two powerful! atomic bombs
for the first time in the history of humanity,
And had caused to spread a
destructive blanket of dangerous nuclear
over globe -
Now poses himself
as the champion of human rights !

'Uncle Sam' has now more than one new rule book in his hands: the Human Rights rule book, the wildlife and Environmental Rule Book, the free trade rule book, the nuclear non-proliferation rule book, the GATT rule book and possibly several others - all supported and rendered perfectly legitimate by the global presence of his armed might.


Rule books are not new to history. Wars after wars were fought to establish and reestablish the right to free trade for several centuries. Right to free trade was the guiding principle when British East India Company was incorporated in 1602 AD as a private limited company with a few wealthy British citizens as share holders. The Indian subcontinent was ruled by this private enterprise for more than a century till 1857 when as a consequence of the first war of Indian independence, its governance was handed over to the British crown and then to the British parliament.

It was strictly as per rules again, the British had built up their empire and governed India and other countries for more than two centuries. Kingdoms after kingdoms were annexed strictly as per the law that if an Indian king dies without 'a proper heir' his kingdom should get annexed to the Empire. Might was always right and that was the fundamental rule in all these rule books.

In the earlier century British soldiers rode on horseback with their pistols in one pocket and the rule book in the other. Horses were replaced then by motor vehicles, pistols by stenguns, and mortars by the much more powerful tanks and armed vehicles. Now all these are redundant but, the rule books could be enforced with the help of much more powerful tools - the global communication network, the all powerful computers, the robots, the warplanes, the rockets, the bombs and the back up of nuclear terror. The recent gulf war was a warning to all and sundry that had entertained any hopes of questioning the legitimacy of the emerging New World Order. Imperialism has now launched its second offensive.

Warring capitalists have now formed global corporations and global corporations arc merging in to strategic alliances across the globe. There are the G7, the G22, the OECD, the UN system, the IBRD, the IMF, the GATT, the transnational bankers, the rating agencies, the global weather watchers, the human right chains, and the whole lot of formal and informal organisations all dominated by the ultimate law givers. Rules and rules - they say, abide by them or perish!


Moulds for the new world order arc now ready and (he rules of the game arc set. The Fund-Bank has already given orders to our sovereign Government that the fencings around national economic boundaries should get demolished. They grant us formal political freedom and concede our rights lo police our geographical boundaries, that is at least for the time being. Free trade is the name of the game once again and that was how it all started centuries ago.

Rule by the Company, economic dependency, and plunder of our resources had followed political subjugation and armed victories in the nineteenth century. End of the twentieth century is probably seeing a reversal of this sequence. Every thing is being done to re-assert economic domination or dependence on corporate capitalism of the West - the common European Home as put by that renegade Gorbachev. And here we have the traitors and collaborators reborn again not as feudal chieftains, kings and Mir Jafars but as great fortune seekers of the share market, the Tatas, the Birlas, their army of professional lackeys, tax evaders and boot loggers.

All these henchmen of global capital sing the songs in praise of the great market where everybody is compelled to cheat all others by trying to take a little more than what they really give. Taking much more than what you give is called market efficiency. Beyond a point that become looting and that could be sustained only with armed terror.

Mir-Jafars of the twentieth century sec and understand this point, just like their nineteenth century originals - and also the great reserves of armed might and nuclear arsenals at the disposal of the almighty world capital! They arc so keen to try out their market efficiency over their Indian brothers in collaboration with their international masters. In the New World Order, just like their predecessors, they dream the dreams of a grand subservient role under the great imperial masters.

The fail of the socialist camp is equated with the rejection of the ideals of socialism and communism. There is no further possibilities for ideological conflicts and hence the end of history - argue the sycophants of global capitalism. The new world order will take over, to be dictated, controlled and regulated from the board rooms of global capitalism, by the corporate owners of the wealth of the nations, and then the speculators of the stock markets! What a prospect for Man who had always dreamed of his enlightened mission on this planet!

One need not be an evangelist to reject the vision of such bleak future and prospects for the mankind. Man is much more than a market efficient utterly selfish brute as depicted by the instigators of the so called new world order. The collective wisdom he had acquired over the millenniums will assert itself and reject all such ugly theories of human progress that arc chained to (he inhuman mechanism of the market that is regulated, manipulated and controlled by the clever and the mighty. Mankind will ultimately discover for itself genuinely democratic and deeply moral solutions for resolving the conflicts between the nations of the world on one hand and then between the individual and the collective on the other.

Global capitalism has, now launched a second wave of imperialist offensives against the poor nations of the world. Even Prime Minister Narasimha Rao was forced to lament in the recent SARC meeting at Colombo - the acquisitive politics of the nineteenth century appears to be reemerging on a global scale.

It had taken almost a few centuries for the people of the Indian subcontinent to come to 1857 and then to 1947. Mir-Jafars of twentieth century should know that the Indian people will not lake that long this time, to rise up in arms against traitors and collaborators. Better for them to change late than never!

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