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Jul 28th
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Indian Power Sector News

Daily news updates about Indian Power sector. News and articles related to Indian Power Sector  and technology trends. You can subscribe to our feeds to put Indian power sector news on your web site/ Blog

Indian Reforms and new world order

(Sri. K. Vijayachandran was one of the Senior Manager of BHEL. Later he was appointed as the Secretary of the Bureau of Public enterprises of the Government of Kerala, wherein he wooed attention of industrial, economic and academic circles, when his programme for reviving the sick industries in Kerala became very effective and fruitful. )

When Dr. Manmohan Singh initiated the current reforms, his supporters had argued that such reforms were long overdue for the Indian economy. Their contention was that these reforms were not dictated by the IMF or the World Bank.

India's Power Sector - Problems and Prospects

(Theme and content of the proposed study by Industries Research & Services Sponsored by the officers and workers organisations in Power Sector in India)

1. During the four and a half decade since independence Power generating capacity in the country has increased by more than thirty times. Electricit...


This National Convention of power workers convened by the National Campaign Committee of Electricity Employees Unions after discussing in the Seminar on the theme of "Privatisation in Power Industry" and "Power Development and Environment", in which renowned economists, parliamentarians and trade un...

Privatisation of the Electricity Power Industry - creaming the profits while society bears the losses

1.0 General Principles
In order to understand the proposition of privatisation of electrical power industry it is necessary to first understand the dynamics of the industry. Electrical power industry has the following characteristics:
(i) It is highly capital and skill intensive.
(ii) It has no finishe...

Enron misled us - Credit rating agencies

Officials of Wall Street credit-rating agencies told Congress that Enron executives misled them about partnerships used to conceal massive debt.

Senators criticised the agencies for not more closely questioning Enron's finances.

Two of the officials said on Wednesday that Enron's former chairman, Kenn...

A CGT Appeal on Energy

Just as air and water are essential for all aspects of life, so is energy. This is universally acknowledged. That is why energy should be a fundamental right for everyone - the right to have adequate sources of energy throughout one's life. This also involves a duty of guarantee enough high quality ...

Globalisation without schools & hospitals regrettable

Amartya Sen opined to the media that India and Pakistan has neglected education, health care and land reforms in a "truly regrettable way." There fore, when they suddenly open up their economies, a "lot of people" are not being able to compete in the global world.

"Problems arise when people in count...

COMPUTERS - new tool in the hands of 'knowledge workers'

(Edited version of talk at the meeting of the Officers' Association of KSEB at Thiruvananthapuram on 12.5.1992)
The modern computers, no doubt, are in the centre stage of technological change. While computers have grown in their capacity to perform and liberate the lime of the workers, as also in inc...

Time To Choose

 (Paper presented in the Seminar on Power Development and Environmental Protection Conducted on 10.8.91 at Trivandrum in connection with the Annual General Body Meeting of the Association)
Environment is a global issue today and environmental protection a global concern. Man reacts to his environment...

Impact of computers in society

Impact of computers in society

Dr. K.P. MAMMOOTTY, Director, LBS Centre for Science & Technology , Trivandrum,(Paper presented at the inaugural function of 'Computer and Power System Study Centre' of KSEB Officers Association)
The mechanisation was basically responsible for the first industrial revolution. The second industrial re...

Resolution adopted on Mega and Ultra Mega Power policies

Those thermal stations which are of and above 1000 MW capacity and hydel stations of and above 500 MW capacities are designated as Mega power projects (MPPs) by MOP and the following concessions are offered to the projects among other things:
· No customs duty for imports
· Government of India will di...
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