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Aug 20th
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Home News Power Sector News Power sector employees urge PM Modi to drop Electricity (amendment ) bill 2014

Power sector employees urge PM Modi to drop Electricity (amendment ) bill 2014

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ModiNational Co-ordination Committee of Electricity Employees and Engineers (NCCOEEE) has requested PM Narendra Modi to drop the idea of enactment of such one sided Electricity (amendment) Bill to cope only with the scope of profit greed of business houses of India .

NCCOEEE a broad based platform of all major Federations of Power sector Employees and Engineers of the country has written a letter to Prime Minister stating that if Government moves further towards enactment of the Bill by placing it in the Parliament for discussion, all the major organizations of Electricity Employees and Engineers will resort to one day work boycott as a mark of protest, on the day of placing the Bill in either house of the Parliament. The letter has been signed by Sailendra Dubey (AIPEF), A B Bardhan (AIFEE), Prasanta N Chowdhury (EEFI), Kuldip Kumar (INEWF), V Ashok Kumar (AIFOPDE), Samar Sinha (AIPF) and S Rathina Sabapatty (TNEBWPU).

The letter mentions that In the course of enactment of Electricity Act, 2003 Government of India assured cheaper Electricity for all by 2007 through improved efficiency and competition. In practice within a decade, Electricity tariff has been escalated multiple times. Accumulation of loss worth Rs. 26,000 crore through five decades was the main reason behind unbundling of SEBs. Present study of accumulated loss of DISCOMs exceeded Rs. 2.5 lakh crore within one decade & debt is about Rs. 3 lakh crore since implementation of Electricity Act, 2003.

World Bank report published in June 2014 admitted that unbundling of SEBs did not yield any positive result. As per their study, still vertically integrated corporate entity KSEB Ltd. & HPSEB Ltd is the two best performers Electricity Utility in the country.

Amidst this situation Government has initiated Electricity (Amendment) Bill, 2014 to pave the way of private participation in the Power supply sector without any investment of capital for improvement of the industry. Ruinous attempt of segregation of Electricity distribution into carriage and content has been planned to throw further burden upon state owned distribution utilities vesting Universal Supply Obligation. While the private supply companies will enjoy the benefit of cherry picking.

It transpires that most of the states opposed the proposition of Government of India, while the committee observes "that there has been encouraging response from most of the States on the idea of Segregation of Carriage and Content." In total jeopardy of federal structure of the country your Cabinet has approved the Bill for placing before the Parliament for adoption.

As per Parliamentary Standing Committee report "The Committee also had detailed interaction with the industry Associations / Power Producers on the Bill. The participants were ASSOCHAM, CII, APP, IPPAI and FICCI. All the participants were unanimously in favor of the proposed amendment to introduce Segregation of Carriage and Content in the sector."

We are aggrieved to note that the Parliamentary Standing Committee has mentioned in their report they have consulted all the stake holders. But neither of the organizations of Power sector Employees and Engineers, placed their memorandum to the committee have been invited for discussion nor their views taken up for consideration.

This impugned Bill has intended to ensure grid security but has not taken into consideration the fate of more than 1 million contract workers in Power sector serving with worst form of exploitation without minimum level of safety, sacrifice their life to ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity to keep life in India vibrant.

Source- Merinews


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