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Jun 22nd
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Speech of MG Suresh Kumar, EEFI at TUI Energy Congress

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MG SureshOn behalf of delegates of India and Electricity Employees Federation of India let me express our warm regards to all the delegates present here and our solidarity towards Palestine, Bolivarian republic of Venezuela and president Hugo Chaves.
India is facing heavy energy crisis both in overall availability in energy as well as in Electric power. Resource crisis is one of the main reasons for this. Actually it is not because of unavailability of resources but because of the limitations in utilizing the resources. We are having abundant resources of coal, but our production capacity is not meeting the requirement. The electricity generating capacity of India is more than 18million megawatts. But our average generation is around 9 to 10Million megawatts mainly due to fuel shortages.
Instead of increasing the mining capacity, government is utilizing this crisis to privatize the sector. The ownership of the resources is getting transferred to private companies. These transfers are also associated with high scale of corruption. Government agencies such as CAG itself are unearthling such scams and it is becoming major political turbulence in India.
Power sector in India is undergoing neo liberal reforms dictated by imperialist forces. These policies are shattering the sector and driving it into deep crisis. The power sector is experiencing black outs and brown outs regularly. During last August we experienced black outs for half of India, affecting more than 500million people for more than 12 hours that too for two concecutive days on 29th and 30th.
In India there are about 500million common without access to electricity i.e. having access only to primary sources of energy. Here comes the necessity of the struggle of the common raising their right to energy.
The attack on the labor force is also becoming severe. The government is pushing the policies of contractualisation, hire and fire and out sourcing. Franchises are becoming the new model of governance. Within last 10 years the regular employees in the sector is reduced to 0.7million from 1.3million. that means reduction of 600thousand regular jobs in the sector.
Anarchy in the sector is also increasing the accident rate. Safety is not at all a concern for the authorities, since the life of the common labor is having costing less. The contract labors meeting with the accidents are getting dumped. They are not even getting meager compensations for their losses.
These are not the problems with the electricity sector alone. Every sector is experiencing similar issues. Neo liberal policies pursued by the Government are pushing the labors into high troubles. Richer is becoming richer at the expense of poor pushing them to hard living conditions. This situation is also consolidating the labors. We are on a struggle against these policies for decades. The struggle is getting more and more strength. The trade unions are joining together irrespective to their political affiliations. The trade union having affiliation with ruling party is also compelled to join common struggle. On 28th February 2012 all the 11 central trade unions in India joined together in the general strike which witnessed rallying of more than 100million labors. Now we had declared a two day strike on 20 and 21st of February 2013 and expecting more than 250 million workers participating.
Students, teachers, youths, farmers and agriculture labors etc. are declared solidarity with these agitations. Common man of India is on a unification process. Definitely we will achieve. Yes comrades, we shall overcome one day. For that we are having only one weapon, the unity of the working class. With these words let me conclude. Red salute.

(Speech made by Sri. MG Suresh Kumar, General Secretary, KSEBOA at International Congress of the Trade Unions of Energy (TUI Energy Congress), at the headquarters of the Federation of Electrical Industry Workers of Venezuela (Fetraelec), in Caracas, Venezuela.)

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