Knowledge fest @Kottayam


KSEBofficers Association is the largest association in power sector of Kerala. Our association vehemently intervenes in each and every pulses of the power sector in India, since its formation in 1990. Rather than that we are conducting Quiz programs among students and has a proven record of social commitment to the society of Kerala.
As you know our state is leading in every indices of the standards in the country, the basic infrastructure to this development is electricity itself. Total electrification of our state lead by the Kerala government, and our members spearheaded the mission to a fruitful end. We as a fraternity made a big leap in ending digital divide by distributing digital aids to students during Covid lockdown period.
A nation with a large mass of people still in dark and on the verge of privatization of electricity sector, by enacting electricity Act amendment 2020 by ruling government. Rethinking of the neoliberal policies is the need of the hour.

So we proudly organizing our 23 rd State Conference at Kottayam. This event will be a remarkable one in the history as we put together the think tanks across the country for seminars and discussions. As a part of the state conference we are conducting knowledge fest at Kottayam, Thirunakkara Maidanam to showcase the talents of students, exhibition stalls for new Technological Advances, Seminars, Technical Talks, more over to have a relaxing time with cultural events.

Knowledge Fest
Date -SEPTEMBER 19-23, 10.30 am to 7.00 pm
venue-Thirunakkara Maidanam, Kottayam