Book on Wind Energy to be released on 23-01-2016

Friday, 22 January 2016 09:06 Lathish PV

Energy is the key element to empower people and ensure water, food as well as rural development. Therefore access to energy should be treated as the fundamental right to everybody. But energy sector is considered as one of the main air polluting industry with the emission of greenhouse gases. Global warming is closely associated with electricity generation from fossil fuels.

In the past few decades, growth in the wind energy sector has been most phenomenal among all the renewable sources of energy. Consensus exists almost worldwide that for ensuring a sustainable future, wind energy can definitely play an important role.
This book on wind energy is very useful to practicing engineers as it provides new understanding, methodologies, and algorithms of control and monitoring. The students of wind technology will also benefit from the comprehensive coverage of all topics of this book for acquiring new knowledge on wind turbine systems. The reason and motivation for writing this book is to provide some initial information to people who are embarking on a career in the wind industry. The author has tried to strike a balance between technical details and basic science to satisfy experts and common man.

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